Venue FAQ

Is there public transport to the venue?

Unfortunately there is no public transport to the venue. The best possible method of getting to Hidden Valley would be via taxi or get a bunch of mates to chip in together and get a mini bus.


Is there parking?


Yes, there is a free parking lot at Hidden Valley, please follow signage and all officials directions. Please note this is NOT secure parking.


Is there reserved seating?


No. The venue is an amphitheatre-style design with excellent views from all areas. The seating is made up of comfortable grass tiers so bring a rug or chair and sit back and relax.


Is there any shade?


There are some shade trees on the spectator mounds however these are limited so get in early to secure your spot.


Can I bring umbrellas and shade tents?


Yes, small shade tents and umbrellas are all OK. Please be aware of the spectators around you and try not to block their view.


Is it loud?


YES! We recommend you bring ear plugs. As well as your own ears, it is recommended that children's ears be protected.


Can I bring an esky?


Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks as long as drinks are in plastic containers. ALL GLASS will be confiscated.


Can I bring alcohol?


Hidden Valley is a licensed venue so no BYO is allowed at any time the Bar facilities are in operation. At events that the bar facilities are not in operation BYO is allowed but with a strict no glass policy


Can I bring a BBQ?




Can I take photos/video?


Yes, for personal use only. The sale of images both still and video from Hidden Valley Drag Strip without permission from HVDRA is strictly prohibited.


Can I get into the pit area?


Absolutely! Drag racing is the only motorsport allowing spectators a close-up look at the vehicles and possibly a friendly chat and photo opportunity with the driver.